Dec 072010

So this weekend we established a new family tradition in our house – cutting our own Christmas tree! Yes, Noah’s too young to even notice but it’s the thought that counts right??:) I’d had every intention of taking the big camera out into the field with us an setting up a bunch of great family shots but that was all thwarted by the rush of icy air that greeted us as we opened the car door. Seems I neglected to realize how much of a temperature difference there was between our home and the farm we drove to just an hour away. Matters were not helped by the wind that was whipping over the field. So, needless to day, we were trying our best just to get out, find a tree, cut it down and get back to our warm car as quickly as possible.

Noah was a real trooper. We had him bundled but I know he had to be cold too. Here’s a video from our adventure.

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  1. I bet he didn’t even feel the cold! This is such a great tradition!

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