Dec 192010

I don’t have any pics from today because the recipient of this super secret present reads the blog:) I’ll have to share after Christmas but suffice it to say, we loved the idea so much, we did it for ourselves too!!! hehe…now don’t you just hafta know??!

The rest of today has been only moderately interesting. Today is a Steeler Sunday and we actually get it on our TV down here (normally it’s Redskins or Ravens) so most of the day has been an effort to get all the running around done before the game. Unfortunately I have a TON of work and a really important demo tomorrow so I’ll be working thru the evening to get things ready. Crossing my fingers da Stillers make it a quick and painless game and just put the Jets away fast.

Noah’s definitely got something going on these days. Either teeth or a growth spurt but he’s just not his normal self. He’s sleeping horribly and just screaming at things, getting frustrated really quickly. An increase in chewing on things leads me to believe there are more teeth on their way but who knows. I hate that it hurts him so much and really hate having to dose him up with Tylenol or Ibuprofen so often to handle the pain. I’m considering trying a Baltic amber necklace or anklet. I’ve heard great things about amber and the natural analgesic properties it holds. I guess I’ll let you guys know if it works:)

Holiday card are done, just need to put them in the mail now and I’ve left all my wrapping to tomorrow night. DH is ripping up the ceiling on the porch to put in a new light (which he decided was a great project to start at 5:00 with only minimal light available)

Anywho, that was a way random post but I thought I’d check in. Countdown to the holidays…t-minus 3 days (until our festivities start)

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  1. Merry Christmas friend! Have a happy, happy holiday!!

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