Dec 142010

that blogging slows down during the holidays. Really! I read an article on it. Anyways, blogging has slowed down here because well, life has picked up and is moving at a wildfire pace. Perhaps an update would be quicker in bullet form:

– In a testament to her obsession with tennis balls, our Vizsla Macie tried to climb a tree to retrieve a ball that had gotten stuck. I really didn’t think she could do it but after about 20 min of circling, jumping, biting and false starts she literally jumped up on to the lower branches of the tree (about 3 feet off the ground) and channeled her inner cat as she tried to walk out to grab the ball. She was interrupted by DH and ended up hopping down before she got out to it (the branch would have never held her).

Look VERY closely…you’ll see her in the tree:

– Christmas card photo shoot number two was successful! I ordered our prints and they should be here any day now. I can’t wait to share!

Here’s an outtake to share…we call it “Jazz hands”

– 1 year, 1 month and a few days later our kitchen reno is done (save for a few outlet covers that need replaced). Now, on to the next project – the sun room! I’ll get a pic of the kitchen one of these days and I hope the color conveys.

– Aside from spending a few hours at the mall killing time with Noah while DH painted, I’ve managed to do ALL my Christmas shopping online thru ebates! I’m waiting for my refunds to all hit but I’m up to $30 so far!

– I’m really looking forward to Christmas and seeing all of our families! My SIL, BIL and Nephews should be in their new house by then and I’m super excited to see it! Last time I saw it it was all studs and no stairs.

– Work is picking up – end of the year sales push means lots of demos and prospective customers to woo…thankfully they’re some pretty awesome prospective customers with really compelling stories to craft a demo around. (My main job is to listen to the prospect, figure out their pain points, and craft a demo to who how our product can solve those problems…pretty awesome stuff!)

– In Noah news he’s doing great. 4 teeth that he’s been putting to work lately on just about everything (including my chin when he was particularly frustrated and I was in the way). He’s showing more preference for foods he can feed himself and our food than his purees. Meaning I have a closet full of purees that we’re going thru much more slowly now. He’ll eat purees if he’s really really hungry. Otherwise he’s mooching off our plates.

I think that’s it for now. I have a few projects that I’ll blog about if I remember to take pics:) I finished a crocheted scarf for myself as a test and have a brimmed hat for Noah about 3/4 of the way done. I have plenty more yarn, just need to find the time. Time….ah yes, need more of that somehow…:)

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  1. Look at what a big boy he is! When did our babies get to be so big?

    Merry Christmas!

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