Dec 192010

Well at least for Noah it was! A string of sleepless nights has him a bit delirious I think because he was happy and hilarious today. Perhaps he was just that way anyways. Regardless, he was on a roll today just gabbing away, cruising the furniture and crawling from room to room. He emptied my tupperware drawer with glee and then proceeded to toss everything around the kitchen. That’s only after he used me as a human jungle gym and attacked the camera. Case in point:

About 1/3 of the time when you tell him to smile and point a camera at him you’ll get some sort of toothy open mouthed smile like you see above. The piggy snort happens only if you’re really lucky! He thinks it’s hilarious and dissolves into laughing fits along with DH and I.

Here you find him babbling and not listening to me:)

Then he tried climbing into or over the toy basket. Perhaps it was a bit cruel to just stand there and watch him struggle but I promise it wasn’t for long and he laughed at me when I went to help him. Nothing gets in this little guys way anymore. He climbed Mount DH this morning (DH was laying on the floor in the nursery and Noah climbed clear over him to get to his toy.

And last but not least, he’s back to his favorite gesture – no! All while trying to climb over the basket again.

Right in the middle of all that fun was a quick shopping trip to get some last min things. It’s a hair raising experience shopping in those last few shopping days before Christmas. The highlight of the trip (aside from getting home in one piece) was a very sweet little boy who was completely smitten with Noah and who told me about wanting a Pot Belly’s for Christmas and how it all had to do with food (I didn’t quite follow the entire story line:)). His dad, bluetooth ear bud in place, told me that his vocabulary is just exploding right now and that he has no idea where these stories come from. I got a kick out of both of them. They were having lunch at the cafe in el Target…

Anywho…thought I’d fill you guys in and share some cute videos:)

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  3 Responses to “Fun filled Saturday…”

  1. Awww, cute! Ava likes to go up and over instead of around, too!

  2. That DOES look like a lot of fun! Your whole life will change with all this mobility!

  3. Best way to start the day — with a little Noah time!!

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