Dec 282010

It feels like I just wrote this for 9 months (well, I did I guess because i was running late then too…ha). Anywho…2 more months and I’ll have a 1 year old! I need to get DH working on the sun room so we have somewhere to put the people for his birthday party!

We were away for his “birth anniversary” so I’ll have to take his pics this week sometime (and try out my new studio lights!). For now, here’s where we are milestone wise!

– Sleep is all over the place these days. Sickness, new teeth (i think), and just general alertness is contributing to my tired state and his cranky days. It comes and goes. We’ll sleep good for a few days and then have a string of ups and downs. I really just wish he’d pick one or the other – my body would appreciate it.
– He’s standing for the most part on his own. He’ll go for 20 – 30 seconds and then realize what he’s doing and plop down (or throw himself into my arms). Daycare swears he’s stepped out a few times. I’ve not seen it myself…he’s definitely crushing things though (and so proud of himself).
– I think we’re probably just a few weeks from walking. He’ll walk while holding on to one of our fingers and he’s pretty good at it – scary!
– He’s in 12 – 18 month clothes and I think it’s almost time to open up the last set of snaps on his diaper (these are supposed to last till he’s a toddler?)
– He’s probably 22-23 lbs and 30-31 inches, my little boy is getting sooooo big!:(
– Not a ton of movement in the talking front. Still babbles mamama, dadada, gahaha, etc… nothing is deliberate. He gets alot of spanish at daycare so I’m wondering if that’s slowing things down a bit. I’ve been talking to him in full sentences, describing things as we do them and stuff so hopefully soon he’ll pick up on it. I know he understands us because he reacts differently based on what we say. He knows “no” now and “bottle”. He’ll turn when you say his name and clap when you ask him to.
– He’s a bottomless pit when it comes to eating but not baby food – our food! This kid is a mooch!

This first birthday is fast approaching – I can’t believe it! I still look at him and marvel that he’s mine. I still expect someone to come and take him back. I love him so much!

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  1. I’m sorry he’s not sleeping well but just know you’re not alone. I feel like all the other babies this age are great sleepers but Lauren is a crappy sleeper. Hopefully they will get it together soon.

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