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I’ve been reading Lindsey’s blog over at The Pleated Poppy for awhile now. Every Wed she does a ‘what I wore’ post that catalogs what she wore that previous week. The point of the exercise was to get her to put more of an effort into her appearance (being a stay at home/work at home momma and all). Seeing that I’m right there with her on the work at home bit I thought I’d participate this week. I can’t gurantee I’ll do this every week – it’s a PIA to take the pics. My only full length mirror is in the closet on the back of the door and the lighting is awful in there so…excuse the quality of the pics!


Shirt/Belt – Kohl’s
Jeggings – AE (LOVE)
Shoes – Target (I think)


Shirt – Target (shh…it’s a dress!)
Jeggings – AE (did I say LOVE?)
Shoes – Target
Necklace – Michael’s Craft Store (bought the medallion and some string)


Shirt and Sweater – Target
Jeans – Skinny AE
Shoes – Boscovs’s (I’ve been waiting to get skinny jeans so I could wear them…soooo fuzzy)
Pendant – Michael’s Craft store (another pendant I bought and then laced up)

I forgot to take a pic on Saturday – doh.



Sweater and Shirt – Target
Jeans – Bootcut AE
Shoes – Target
Necklace – My jewelry box – I’ve had it forever.


Sweater – Gap
Shirt – Target
Jeggings – AE
Boots – Target


Shirt – Target
Vest – Christmas two years ago
Jeans – Bootcut AE
Boots – JCPenny

Something I’ve learned typing this out…I own WAY too many clothes from Target:) Also, I wear alot of sweaters!

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  3 Responses to “What I Wore Wednesday”

  1. Love the furry boots!!

  2. Cute outfits!!

  3. I like your style! And I own a lot from Target also – cute stuff at a great price? How can you pass it up???

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