Nov 012010

It was a full weekend in the Kloep house! Since it was the first one where we were actually home for the entire thing we filled it with house chores and errands. Mommy did lots of shopping (groceries and trying to return some of the clothes that I bought thinking I’d have an office job) and daddy did yard work (including cutting down a tree!). Even with all that fun house stuff, we did manage to sneak in a few Halloween related activities including costumes, pumpkin carving, and hanging out with the neighborhood kids.

I returned from the store to find all the neighbor kids outside and begging to play with Noah so I grabbed his costume and the camera and figured we’d make the best of the afternoon light. Then we all carved the pumpkin and waited for trick or treat’rs (of which we had like 6 all night – now I have way too much candy). Finally, after Noey went to bed, mommy, daddy and their friend watched the Steelers!

Okay, enough talking, on to pics!!!:)

He loves the puffy belly

The monkey crawls

Our monkey with his pumpkin under a tree

Mmmm...pumpkin guts! He LOVED them!

Daddy gave him a banana


My monkey with his pun key (monkey pumpkin)

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  3 Responses to “Weekend recap…”

  1. OH my! The pic where he has the banana sideways is so cute…all of he pics are great! Looks like he had lots of fun!!

  2. too cute! Owen was the same monkey for his first trick or treat. nice and snuggley!!

  3. I love those pics! Especially that last one! Punkey = adorable!

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