Nov 072010

Or when you’re super busy….:) Such is the case in our house! This week was a bit crazy and as such I missed my Friday Shape Up post. Well, not much to report there so I guess that’s okay. We’re status quo…no change…neither good nor bad considering all the halloween candy in the house (which is now gone because I’ve eaten it all!). The biggest excitement this week was our refi.

We finally got the approval, all the conditions cleared, and the closer scheduled. However, at the nth hour I found a problem in our HUD-1 (actually a few problems – most of which were corrected pretty easily, some where not and lead to some scrambling in the end). To top it off, I was running around on Friday trying to wire the funds, correct/amend the wire due to a mistake by BoF’s website and make sure everything happened that day because my LO said that they had to be in by Friday at 3pm only to come and find that Monday at 3pm would have been sufficient! Argh…anyways, it’s over! The money is there, it should fund Monday afternoon and our refund should be here a week or so after that. Phew… Anyways, why this long drawn out explanation? Anyone that is choosing to refi make sure you’re comfortable with your LO – a low rate is wonderful (and easy to come by these days) but if you have no one guiding you thru the process it can be a nightmare. Fortunately I had some exposure when I worked at Chase during the last mortgage boom but still it was stressful.

On the Noah front, we’re fighting a cold or something. I can’t decide if it’s teething, a cold, or both. Poor guy has a cough, is all snuffly and just cries like he’s in pain. He’s usually fine if we’re holding him and will sometimes play on his own. But as soon as he starts to get tired things go downhill fast. I’ve been wearing him around today and that seems to help but I can’t do that this coming week when I’m in Cali. We’ve been alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen and you start to see him get upset as it’s nearing the next dose so I’m leaning more towards teething but who knows.

On other fronts he’s a crawling machine! I’m trying to get some video up for you guys – maybe later today when he naps again! For now, I need to jet – he’s awake and screaming!:)

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