Nov 222010

Deviating a bit from “Noah” news to post something that came to mind this AM. It’s funny how smells can instantly transport you back to a place and time (music is great for that too).

This morning I was making myself some tea in hopes of driving this cold out of my head and one whiff of English Breakfast and I was back on a cold morning in the bothy hut in the Scottish Highlands. There tea was the answer for everything. Hung over? Tea. Cold? Tea. Burn your hand on the hob? Tea. It was the cure all and social point of my days at St. Andrews. Even though that was years ago, I still go back when I have my cup of tea.

There are other scents too – odd ones like witch hazel that remind me of those first days in the hospital with Noah or my pine cone Yankee candle which puts me back to the first days in our new house. Then there are natural ones like bay leaves that take me back to our mountain biking days in Northern California – I can still feel the heavy wet chill as we zoom up and down the hills (well, zoom down – uphill was almost always a long slow slog). Or coffee which reminds me of waking up Saturday mornings growing up. Saturdays were for running around – swimming lessons, piano lessons, picking up the church flowers. Then back home to clean and do chores.

No matter what you’re doing at the time, a scent has the power to instantly transport you back into a moment – I love it!

What scents get your memories flowing?

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  One Response to “Scents and memories…”

  1. The olfactory sense IS the strongest for evoking memories. I recall Gramma Florence when I smell buns baking, PapPap when I smell a pipe, and Grandpa Kenny when I smell listerine… And, best of all, when I smell Neutrogena Rainbath, I remember when you and JJ were born…I bought some the other day just so I could take a sniff and remember…

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