Nov 132010

I plopped him in his crib this AM while I was putting way his clothes (and trying to find something for him to wear today) and I turned around to find this:

And because I got such a kick out of it, here’s another:

ETA: Yes, we’re lowering the crib:) We lowered it two weeks ago when he figured out the pulling to his knees. I need to get in there and do it again now (i should have just gone the whole way down the first time!). Although, I’m afraid the next level is not going to be low enough – tough having tall child!

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  2 Responses to “Noah’s new trick…”

  1. Too cute! Love his nursery, BTW!

  2. Awww, very cute! Wait until he starts standing there and jumping up and down! Speaking of which, you may want to lower the mattress a notch now. The railing should reach the upper 1/3 of their bodies. I wouldn’t want him to jump right out!

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