Nov 152010

Okay, just a bunch of random for you today….

– Dh is finally painting the kitchen and trying to con me in to helping. Someone has to watch the kid right??:)

– We’re both relishing the last weekend we have uncommitted for a while – Hello Holidays!

– Speaking of holidays – really? Thanksgiving is next week?

– An also speaking of holidays – how bad is it that I’m going to do all my shopping online this year? I’ve become the person that hates to deal with holiday traffic and would rather shop in the comfort of her own home. That said, maybe one trip is in order to get a pic of Noah with Santa – you have to have at least one of those right?

– I’m trying to keep up with blogging but feel that my content is lacking. I promise I have other interesting posts started – just not finished! Many are project related and since I’m still working thru them, it’s taking a while!

– Noah’s on the road to lots of bumps and bruises! He’s figured out how to get to his knees and sometimes to his feet. Unfortunately he’s not very graceful and when he falls, it’s usually into a toy or the side of the crib. I’m trying to keep him from sharp edges but I think it’s about time to invest in a football helmet with a full face mask.

– Speaking of Noey man, he’s finally babbling mamamammamama….I LOVE IT! Makes my heart melt every time.

– My next trip away isn’t for a few months and I’m already trying to figure out how I can convince DH to fly cross country with an almost 1 year old and play nanny for the week. I hate being away from them!

– I’ve crocheted two hats so far and have a third started <-- yay me, so proud! - I'm converting Noah's velcro diapers to snaps - one long process at a time. I got one done last night during the football game that the Steelers forgot to show up for...ugh... - I have way too many crafty projects in my head - need to stop reading these fab craft blogs before my sunroom is overrun with more projects! Then again, I can probably save myself a TON of $$ if I make everyone's gifts this year...hmm..... Okay, enough random. I need to get back to work!

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