Nov 232010

And the march of time continues! Today my little man turns 9 months old – 3/4’s of a year old! It seems that every day he’s doing something new and his abilities are just exploding!

We had our 9 month dr’s appt this past Friday and she confirmed that he is a string bean of a baby – tall and skinny! He’s 21.1 lbs (70ish %) and 29 inches tall (90%). I guess it’s good we switched to the big boy car seat this past month – its limit was 30inches!

Here are some other things going on with Noah:
– He’s a crawling machine now. Nothing gets in his way.
– He can go from crawling to sitting and back with no problem. He even gets to his knees from sitting – safe to say there’s never a dull moment in this house.
– He has two fully emerged teeth and two more coming in that I expect will be here before Turkey day (you can actually see them pushing on his gums)
– He can now pull up on EVERYTHING! I need to invest in a baby football helmet for his poor little noggin that bounces off of everything.
– And seemingly overnight he went from crawling and pulling up to cruising. He’ll cruise his toys and sometimes the couch. If you grab his little hands he’ll walk with you. He’s definitely got a brave streak in him because he’ll let go of the activity table and try to walk over to me (and usually just ends up falling over and crawling into my lap).
– Because of all this new found upright mobility we had to drop the crib to its lowest setting – I found him standing and bouncing up and down one morning!
– He’s always been a talker but now we hear distinct mamamama, dadada, and gah gah sounds in there! I’m reinforcing as best I can the mama part:)
– One day out of the blue he crawled across the room, plopped to a sitting position and started clapping. He was so proud of himself!
– He also does a kissy fish face and smacks his lips alot. It’s hilarious!
– He’s eating more and more solids and is slowly pulling back on the formula. I fed him some clementines this morning and he LOVED them!

I just can’t get over how amazing he is!

I’ll have to get his monthly shots this weekend since we’re up and out of the house just after the sun rises and not back until the sun is down (darn you winter).

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  1. How fun! I remember when everything seemed to happen so fast…new skills, new words, bigger clothes, etc. They change so much in that first year!

  2. Happy 9 months, baby boy (and mama!)! Time flies :(

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