Oct 112010

So, working from home has its benefits but one of the draw backs (if you see it that way) is that there’s no motivation to get dressed in the morning. PJ’s or Jeans and a t-shirt with a ponytail is completely appropriate attire. After 4 years the only time I ever got myself ready is if we were going out somewhere (which, after Noah, was not very often!). Since realizing that I’m heading back to the office world, I figured it was time to get back into the habit of actually taking time in the AM to beautify and you know what I found? That I actually feel better about myself! Sure, it’s more work and more time in the AM and I actually had to go out and buy some clothes that weren’t t-shirts and pajama pants but even if I’m just sitting at home applying for jobs or cleaning the house, I feel better about myself and feel more productive! DH even commented that he’s excited to see me actually getting ready in the AM (but quickly added that I was beautiful before too).

Then I got to thinking, how often do we just fall into what’s easy or get so involved with taking care of everyone else (husband, house, little one) that you forget about yourself? For me, it’s just about every day. My needs are always last. Showers don’t always happen and I generally grab what is quickest to put on. The hair gets pulled back and hopefully the teeth get brushed (ew…i know). I realize everyone says that’s the reality of being a mom. But, I think to be the best mom you can be you have to also feel good about yourself and that means taking care of yourself. It doesn’t have to be some big drawn out production (although spa days are nice:) ). A few minutes to yourself in the morning to reflect and affirm, some eyeliner, blush, and a new sweater, or a nice cup of coffee and the news before everyone else wakes will do. It’s the little things that we can do daily to remind ourselves of who we are and that we matter too. If nothing else, it’s nice to soak up the calm before the storm of the day:)

See, a little makeup and a sweater can go a long way:)

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  7 Responses to “Taking care of yourself….”

  1. LOVE fun socks!

  2. So true! That’s part of why I cut my hair! It feels nice to feel beautiful!

  3. You are adorable… and yes indeed, give yourself an extra minute and you’ll feel it all day! ;)

  4. I love those shoes and cardigans are my wardrobe staple. I know that I need to take more time for myself but I just never seem to do so. Even when I get ready for work in the morning it’s a quick shower, throw up some dress pants and a shirt, and then flip my hair in a bun. My goal this weekend is to get a haircut.

  5. It’s totally true! A little bit of ‘lovin yourself’ goes a long way when you catch a glimpse in the bathroom mirror during the day. Pony tails are definitely a mom’s friend and cute sparkly beaded barrettes or headbands to go with the ponytail are easy and yank proof. It’s NOT good for moms to be so sacrificially ‘loving’ that they get burned out and cranky because then they’re no good to anybody :o(

    Glad you’re happy, you look great!

  6. Every mommy must learn this lesson. We need to fill up our cup so that we have enough to keep giving! You look pretty…and happy!

  7. I change from my PJ pants into yoga pants lol Usually the mom attire is yoga pants, tank, hoodie. in the summer it was yoga capris, tank, or tee. Running around, playing on floors, getting messy…. gotta be comfy ;)

    It IS true though, when I actually take the time to dry my hair and put on jeans I feel more adult lol

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