Oct 252010

Ahhh…time has gotten away from me! I meant to do this over the weekend but we didn’t get back from the grandparents until late so….anyways, I did weigh myself on Friday and we’re down another pound this week somehow. I could have sworn that number was going the other way.

Next, Stats by the month:
Week 1 – 142lbs (7 weeks postpartum)
Week 4 – 140lbs – ouch…no excuses, I have a new workout regime and a new resolve for eating healthy…we should start seeing that number drop.
Week 8 – 135 – Hallelujah! Real progress now! I don’t expect it will continue at this rate but we’ll see.
Week 12 – 133 – time to get back to counting calories:)
Week 16 – 136.5 – taken on Monday. NOTE: this is on a new scale which disagrees with my old scale so we’re kind of resetting a bit.
Week 20 – 134.5
Week 24 – 133.6
Week 28 – 130.1
Week 29 – 129.0

Even though I’m only about 4lbs from my “normal” pre-pregnancy weight, my clothes still fit oddly. I’m starting to get back there but no amt of sit ups is taking care of the little mommy pouch in the front and my skin is rather loose (so, i look good with clothes on but it’s another story when I don a bikini). I’m hoping that it will firm up over time (or else I’m heading for one of those mommy makeovers after we have #2).

Anywho, now that I’m back to a normal schedule (ya for a new job) I’m more conscious of what I eat and how much exercise I get. Hopefully I can knock off those last 4 or 5 lbs before the holiday binge starts:)

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  1. Woohoo! Way to go, mama!

    How’s the new job?

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