Oct 122010

So, I’ll spare you pictures because I was in too much of a rush this AM to stop and take them but I have to tell you guys about our poosplosion (why? well, because I think it was funny and you’d get a chuckle..see, i’m nice like that!)

I have to say first that I believe this poosplosion was due in part to an error on my side during the security portion of this AM’s diaper change. We’ve been VERY lucky not to have encountered this thus far and I believe that’s mostly due to my fab cloth diapers (okay, CD plug for the day…*check*).

..Okay, on to the story…

This AM when I was getting ready, Noah was in his exersaucer like normal. I had an interview so it was taking me longer than normal to get ready (gotta look perfect although I know it’s not my looks they’re hiring me for). Anyways, I hear the tell tale grunts and sighs that are associated with – um well…”evacuation”. I look back and yup, sure enough he’s got that face. Fine, I’ll change him before we head down for breakfast and I continue with curling my hair. After a bit I start to notice the stench and think to myself, “wow, that’s a ripe one! Oh joy”. I didn’t really think anything of it though, he can be a stinky little boy sometimes! It wasn’t until I bent down to give him a kiss that I noticed. I noticed that he was standing (and now stomping with glee) in poop.

So, here I am in nice slacks and a silk shirt wondering what to do with my now-covered-in-poo child (DH was out walking the dog so reinforcements were a no-go). My first thought was to take him to his room and use the changing table but as I pull him out of his exersaucer I knew that wasn’t the wisest idea. There was poo the whole way down his leg. So, I carried him airplane style to the other bathroom (belly over my forearms), used the sink to wash the bulk of the poo off his feet and then plopped him in the tub to get him naked and change that diaper.

As I pull off his pants a good chunk of poo comes rolling out. I have no idea what happened, it just shot out the side of his diaper! I guess I didn’t get it on tight enough! But that must have been how he was able to step in it…the kicking that he loves to do in that toy dislodged a piece and it rolled down his leg and out the bottom of his pants (how’s that for a visual??!). Me, not knowing that we had excrement present, had him giggling and stomping his feet which only served to spread the poo around in the bottom of his exersaucer.

Ugh…anyways – I got a new diaper and outfit on Noah and DH finally arrived back home. He took little man from me so I could finish cleaning up (how did I get stuck with the poop clean up?). A quick assessment and I decided that the only option is to hose the toy down! So again, dressed to the 9’s, I very gingerly carry the exersaucer out one door, down two flights of stairs and out two more doors to the back yard (did I mention that is thing is rather large and needs to be turned on it’s side to get out some of the doors. I was praying that the poo wouldn’t fall on my foot!). Safely outside and after good thorough hose down it’s now all clean – phew! Just in time for us to leave to get Noah to daycare and me off to my interview (which went well I think..btw’s).

Anywho…first poosplosion and I just had to share:)

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