Oct 142010

So there are days when I’m just not motivated to eat right or exercise (heck, lately that’s been most days but that’s another topic for another day). Those days I need an extra bit of inspiration to get my tush moving.

Enter the older neighborhood lady that I saw running in the rain this AM!

Not just running to get out of the rain but really running, like she was on mile 6 of her 10 mile loop. I love this lady! When DH and I would walk the dog in the AM (B.N. aka before Noah) we’d see her almost every day – rain, snow, or shine she was out jogging on the path by our house. Some days it looked like more effort than others but never fail you would see her plodding away with a smile on her face! And what do I mean by “older”? Well, my best guess is that she’s in her late 70’s.

How’s that for inspiration to get your tush off the couch and do a little exercise?

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  2 Responses to “Inspiration…”

  1. She’s probably a 40 year old reformed smoker who spent a lot of time at the beach. Can’t fool an old couch potato like me!!

  2. In case I didn’t feel gluttonous enough sitting on the couch on the laptop hahaha. I suppose I should try to fit in some sort of exercise today :)

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