Oct 042010

….when Noah no longer needs me like he did when he was a baby and let me tell you it was heart wrenching! My big boy put himself to sleep all by himself. I tried to rock him and snuggle him like we do every night but no, he kept looking to his crib like “c’mon mom, just put me in my bed, I got this…”. No sooner had I put him down than he flops twice and is out cold.

*Sigh…he’s growing up:( Next thing I know he’s telling me that kisses from mom are uncool and then gasp – he’s driving…before I know it some other gal has stolen his heart and I’m no longer the first lady in his life….*sniffle sniffle* Okay, now I need to go up and kiss him again while he sleeps…

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  One Response to “I just had a glimpse of the future…”

  1. and then I get to be a great grandma….

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