Oct 182010

Yesterday we headed out for a hike in Shenandoah and as I’m packing Noah’s diaper bag I remembered these cool little pouches of baby food that I bought at Target the other day. The pouches are from PlumOrganics and come in a bunch of yummy flavors. Today’s selection was pumpkin and banana!

I bought them because I thought they’d be good for on-the-go type situations and I was right! Check out Noah having his lunch on the trail:

The little pouches are quick to open and easy to reseal. The spout on them actually works well without a spoon (Noah even figure out how to just suck on the spout to get the food out). I saw on their website that you can attach a Boon spoon if you have one but I found that not necessary.

They’re a tad bit more expensive than the jars of food but the convenience of them is unbeatable so it’s totally worth it!

I was in no way prompted or compensated for this review – I just really thought these were cool and that my mommy friends should know about them!

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