Oct 192010

(no I’m not pregnant)

Since I’ve told everyone involved and have made it Facebook official I can say it here – I’m gainfully employed!

I accepted an offer Sunday evening at a California based company that is allowing me to work remotely again (so all those pretty office clothes are kind of going to waste…aside from client meetings I suppose). In the end I had two offers that were very compelling. Two different sets of responsibilities where one had a 45 min commute and the other had no commute. Since money wasn’t the factor (the offers were exactly the same), it came down to being able to be closer to Noah and not having to deal with a commute. Plus, the position I accepted should be less stressful than what I’d been doing prior to my layoff.

Funny how things happen. Going into Friday I knew there was a good chance that I’d had an offer by the end of the day (for the company that had the commute). What I didn’t expect was to have two! See, as expected, the offer came in. I gave the other companies that I’d been dealing with a call just to let them know and to thank them for their time. Well, one guy was not about to give up on me yet! He asked for an hour and he’d try to get me an offer too! Sure enough, he called back 20 min later, made me talk to his CEO, and then verbally offered me the job! It was an ideal situation really – good pay, less stressful, and I get to work from home. I couldn’t turn him down. So, on Sunday when the letter actually arrived via email I was quick to sign and send it back. That was it! I start on the 25th!

Letting down the other company is another story entirely. I felt like I was breaking up with a long term boyfriend who was putting up a fuss and begging me not to. It was awful. I already felt bad doing it because I was genuinely excited to work for them and made it clear that I was during the interview process. Their insistence, promises, and sales pitches just turned the knife a little bit more. But in the end, the work from home opp was too good to be true. I tried to explain to the recruiter (and then his boss when she called 10 min later) that this other offer came out of left field for all of us but was in my best interests at this point in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Having two offers at once is a fantastic outcome to my job search and not something that happens to every one and I’m very appreciative to have had at least one offer this quickly. It’s just that I really felt awful having to let them down and they didnt make it very easy. She said she would do whatever it took to get me on board. I told her that what I would need from her is not something I’d actually ask her to do (work from home 100%) because it affects the effectiveness of the position and wouldn’t be wise to put anyone in that situation. It was a really uncomfortable 10 min…

But, it is what it is and I think we left things on okay terms. She invited me back if this new job doesn’t work out so….

Bottom line – I HAVE A JOB! WooHOOOOOOO….

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  3 Responses to “Big News…”

  1. Congrats my friend!!! I am thrilled for you and little Noah :)

  2. Congrats! I know what a huge relief that is for you.

  3. Congratulations on your new jobbie job!!!!! Sounds perfect! It would be AWESOME to work from home =)

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