Oct 212010

It’s been a busy week in the Little Kloep house! Momma has a new job so I’ve been trying to get all my last min activities (things I’ve been putting off but really need done like switching out my summer for my winter clothes and weeding thru to find what goes to Goodwill). In my head-down frenzy I never got a chance to post the pics from our weekend!

We had a really busy but fun weekend! Saturday started with a consignment sale with two of my gal pals. I scored a bunch of 12-24 month clothes and a few toys for just over $40! I can tell that these sales are going to be a habit – a very bad but good habit!

Then we headed out to the pumpkin patch at Cox Farms. I was really worried that it would be completely overrun with people and just a total hassle but ended up being a lot of fun! We met up with my gal pal, Brenna, her hubs and their little one Kayla. We topped off the night with dinner out.

Sunday we all (DH, Noah, and myself) headed out to Shenandoah for a short hike. We figured the fall colors would be in full force or at least close and we were right. Noah did well on the hike in the Ergo although it because very clear that we need a hiking backpack for him. He’d rather look out and around than into daddys chest. I think I know what we’re getting for Christmas:)

Here are a few pics from our weekend!

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  1. try the ergo higher up (at the natural waist) and on your back. he will be able to see better.

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