Oct 272010

Little man turned 8 months over this weekend. Since we weren’t home, I didn’t get a chance to post his 8 month post on time! Better late than never I suppose:) So….

Things Noah’s up to now:
– He’s mobile! His crawl varies from an army crawl, a lunge and a fully on crawl. The remote control is what gets him going the best but the cry fest that ensues after we stop him from drowning it in drool is not fun. Thank goodness his great grandma found a toy cell phone which makes him SUPER happy (and totally drool proof).
– He has teeth! The bottom left tooth has cut thru the gum a few weeks ago. It’s still not fully emerged but the hardest part is over for it (and now he can bite and cause discomfort – oh joy) and just the other day the second one popped up.
– He was sleeping from 7:30ish to 7ish but this tooth thing has put a cramp in that. We’re still generally getting from 7/8ish until 7/8 ish with maybe a quick bit to eat at 5 or 6am.
– He’s offered 4 bottles over the course of the day. Generally it’s 8oz, then 6oz, then 4oz, and then finally 8oz before bed. Mixed in there are 4 meals of solids. We’ve been doing more finger food to help him work on his pincher grasp and fine motor skills. I’m proud to say that he can pick things up and they eventually make it to his mouth:)
– Based on our home scale he’s 21.5 lbs. About the same as last month. He’s wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and a few 6 month shirts.
– He’s got a new carseat! It got to the point where carrying him in his infant carrier was just too much of a PIA, plus his shoulders didn’t fit all that well anymore so we decided to upgrade to the Britax Boulevard.
– We’re feeding him table foods like strawberries, avocados, noodles, asparagus, and anything else I can cut up small enough or mash up enough for him to eat. Aside from the bread from the other day, he’ll eat anything you give him (so not my child!).
– He’s got the hang of the sippy cup! Usually I give him a cup of water with dinner and his snacks. He doesn’t get a ton of water out of it but he gets enough to make a mess. We have the valve-less cups that he has to bite on to get the water out. Most days he just likes to chew on it.

I had a quick oppy this AM to try to take his pic. Let me tell you – that was nearly impossible! I just sat there for awhile and watched him explore then watched as he nearly tumbled over the arm of the rocking chair because he wanted to see what was underneath (No worries, i was right there to catch him and no one tumbled anywhere)

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  1. That middle picture is too cute – such pretty eyes!

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