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So, I know I’ve been MIA…I managed to get the pics of the camera from this past weekend so we’re one step closer to a fun post with pics:) As for the shape up related news, this week has been a tough one. I’ve been doing a bit of comfort eating and my numbers reflect that. I’m thinking it’s mostly water weight because it took almost an hour this AM for the indentations on my legs from sitting on the afghan to go away.

I failed on the goals too…but I did get to the gym twice:) Anyways…enough excuses…back on the wagon next week (for as many times as i’ve fallen off you’d think I’d have more bruises…well, I guess the weight is enough of a reminder…)

Next, Stats by the week:
Week 1 – 142lbs (7 weeks postpartum)
Week 4 – 140lbs – ouch…no excuses, I have a new workout regime and a new resolve for eating healthy…we should start seeing that number drop.
Week 8 – 135 – Hallelujah! Real progress now! I don’t expect it will continue at this rate but we’ll see.
Week 12 – 133 – time to get back to counting calories:)
Week 15.5 – 136.5 – taken on Monday (hence the .5 in 15.5 weeks) NOTE: this is on a new scale which disagrees with my old scale so we’re kind of resetting a bit.
Week 19 – 136.0
Week 21 – 132.5 – okay, we’re on a roll here!
Week 22 – 133.6 – thank you comfort eating…

and finally, the Goals this week are:
– Stay on the water bandwagon…i have to consciously remind myself
– Finally try that power house grain Quinona! (yes, this is a repeat….it’s sitting on the counter reminding me every day)
– walk with Noah every other evening, work up to a light jog.

Now, a quick update on the job front. It’s been a busy week! I’ve had a number of phone screens that have led to two in person interviews scheduled for next week! I had a critique of my resume and have alot of work to do on it to improve it so I’ve been working thru that (I can never remember what I did when it comes to those things…ugh). I have been doing a bit of freelance writing for a friend of mine and may have some additional freelance stuff coming up to help fill the time (and the money gap). Aside from all that I’ve been getting my craft on daily! It’s been a nice change to be able to just sit down and sew for a few hours and not worry about work.

So, still excited about the opportunities ahead of me and can’t wait to see what pans out! Until then though, I’m enjoying my time off!

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  2 Responses to “Summer Shape Up and a quick update”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up about the comfort eating…it couldn’t have been too bad, my comfort eating normally translates to 3-5 pounds…eek!

    And congrats on the job front! That’s awesome progress in a short period of time!

  2. This is the third time I have read about quinoa in a week. That’s it. I am going to go find some and try it out.
    Have a great weekend and keep up the good work. We all have to comfort eat every now and then.

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