Sep 042010

I just stumbled on a post by Meredith over at La Buena Vida that really spoke to me. My girlfriend Melissa has always spoke of positive parenting and using the words “no”, “don’t” and “stop” sparingly. The idea is that the less you use those words, the more impact they have on the child when you do actually need to use them. So you ask – what do you use in their place? Redirection! So, rather than saying “Stop jumping on the bed” you use redirection instead “Beds are for sleeping, please step down and help mommy with xyz…” or instead of “no running” use “Please walk while in this room”. Adding phrases like “You’re so smart, I just know you will follow this rule” or some other positive reinforcement can do wonders.

I know I want to try this with Noah and it’s not going to be easy to keep from just jump to “no” when he’s doing something wrong but I think with a little effort from the very beginning I could become very easy.

What other ideas have you all heard to enforce positive parenting??

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