Sep 242010

I wrote the first part of this yesterday after weighing myself in the am…things were a little different this AM but it’s still relevant

I’m struggling right now with the whole weight loss thing. I’ve hit a plateau and have not been able to break thru it (hence the lack of friday check ins). Partly because, even though I’m 10lbs heavier then I’d like to be, I seem to be carrying that 10lbs pretty well so on most days I’m okay with how I look. To be honest, even at 125lbs I have had my fair share of feeling frumpy days. At least now, I have a beautiful reason to snap me out of the frumpy zone – Noah. My body is what it is because of him and I’m okay with that. I would and will do it again in a heartbeat for another little gem like him!

Then there’s the other part of me though that nags me about becoming complacent in my new body…that this mentality is sure to add up over the years and before I know it I’m to a point where I’m not happy at all (and have a long way back to a happy weight). It’s just so easy to fall back into old habits. So I’m conflicted. So far complacency is winning….I really need to flip that around…

on to today…

Today’s weigh in was a bit better than the last few, although, up until yesterday it was the same as it’s been the last few weeks (133.6). This morning it was 132.5 – such a big swing is most certainly water weight’s downward trending so I can only complain a little:) Hopefully I can keep with that trend. I dusted off my road bike and pumped up the tires and have every intention of using this time off to get some riding in….we’ll see if that happens….

Both of the jobs that I’m waiting on have gyms at their facility, is it bad that I may base my decision on which to go with on the quality of their gym??:)

PS. i realize that I meant to go on about eating right and healthy snacks and my own thoughts hijacked the post and had it’s own ideas. I guess I’ll talk about that later.

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  1. Your blog rocks! I want to give you a shout out and a blog award. Come here to get it!


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