Sep 272010

Okay, now that it looks like I’ll be going back to an office setting (don’t want to jinx it but I’ve got a good feeling about this week), I need to actually put forth some effort when it comes to getting dressed in the AM. DC is rather formal (so much more so than Cali) and being that I’ve worked at home for the last 4 years, gained 10 lbs, and what not, my wardrobe is just not up to snuff. Coupled with the fact that I’m waaay fashion challenged (seriously, get me on “What not to wear” please…I can take it!), I need help!

At this point in time I have one pair of pants that fit well and maybe two shirts. I’m going to see this one company for the 3rd and 4th times and am really struggling on finding something new to wear. I have a pair of basic pants (grey/black pinstrip), a plain black silk blouse, and cami paired with a pretty sweater that I can build on but not enough to make up even a weeks worth of outfits. Soo…I have two challenges for you guys.

1. From time to time (and probably more frequently in the next few weeks as I build a new wardrobe) I’ll post a specific piece of clothing that I’m struggling with and you can help me figure out what to pair and accessorize it with.
2. Who wants to put together a not super expensive, versatile, cute and stylish outfit (or two) using internet links??:) Think of me as your real live Barbie doll! Just keep in mind I’m short (5’2″ on a good day – 5’5″ in heels).

I don’t want to go too crazy now because I’m still losing weight and have some really cute things in the closet that sans these 10lbs would actually fit. But I do need something for in between. I’m not opposed to dresses or shopping at Target (or Marshalls or Ross:) ). I tend to gravitate to H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, and Express. Just to give you an idea.

So any ways, here’s the first piece of clothing that I’m struggling with. Right now I have it paired with a short sleeved black sweater that I just don’t love but it’ll do for now.

I need to take a pic of the actual skirt but since it’s 11:30pm and I’m dressed for bed, here’s the shape (trumpet or flared take your pick)…

But in kind of a tweedy pattern (black and white, wool). I love it but just can’t figure out what to put on top without it cutting me off totally! I want to look professional but not stuffy. Something cute and stylish. Help!??

I’ll be back in a few days asking for more advice…anything you can do to help in the mean time is appreciated:) Think of me as your real live Barbie and DC friends, anyone who wants to take me shopping I’m totally game for! I’ll try on anything!

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  3 Responses to “Dress Me….”

  1. Ummm….if I wasn’t fashion-challenged and shopping phobic myself maybe I could offer some advice. Good luck!!

  2. I love the above suggestion!!! Get a black cardigan and a black skinny belt. Where it over the tank and the cardigan. Both the black belt and the cardigan will come in useful again and again.

    Anytime you want to go shopping, I am down. I actually have a pretty good sense of style (despite the way I dress!)

  3. What about something like this

    in a purple or red for a pop of color with a cardigan and a skinny belt.

    Or stick with your black sweater and add a statement shoe
    something bright, but a conservative style like a maryjame pump or a kitten heel.

    Old Navy is running a 20 percent off any online purchase now. ONSAVE20 at check out, a less expensive version of Gap and BR and you won’t feel as guilty price wise as you continue loosing weight.

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