Sep 272010

Alright, 7 months in and we’re still CD’ing strong! It’s now just a fact of life and part of our routine just like bottle washing and eating are:) Even with the introduction of solids things are still swimming along. I thought I’d give a run down of our routine for those that may be interested…

7am – Good Morning Noah! First diaper change of the AM. Usually it’s just a wet (VERY WET) one that I wrap up and drop in the wet bag that hangs on his closet door knob. If he happens to have left me more then it’s a quick trip to the toilet to shake it off and into the wet bag it goes.

9am – Diaper change number 2. This one generally has more fun thing in it since we just had breakfast. Quick trip to the toilet to shake it off and into the wet bag it goes.

I send 5 diapers to daycare with this and they generally use 3 or 4 of them. They come home to me in a smaller wet bag. All they’re doing at daycare is taking the diaper off and wrapping it up then putting it in the wet bag. On wash days I just drop the bag in the wash room. On non wash days I take the bag upstairs and will deal with them later.

7pm – Bath time. Diaper comes off and goes into the wet bag.
7:30pm – Last diaper of the day. I usually use a BumGenius 3.0 triple stuffed (one regular liner and two newborn liners). This system will get him clear thru until 7am!

8:00 – Time to deal with the other diapers! On non wash nights I’ll go thru the wet bag and shake the poopy diapers off in the toilet. The wet diapers get transferred straight to the bag.

On wash nights I’ll start laundry around 8:30 or so. It’s pretty easy. Just make sure the velcro is adhered to the laundry tabs, shake the inserts out of the diaper (sometimes I have to pull a bit) and into the washer, run them thru a cold rinse then hot wash with detergent and an extra rinse. I’ll hang the shells out to dry on the drying rack in the sun room and toss the inserts in the dryer. Some days the inserts go on the drying rack too…just depends on what the weather is and what the temp of the sun room is.

Generally we go thru 6 or 7 diapers in a day. With the number of diapers we have, I can usually do one load every third night. In the AM I’ll grab everything and stuff them so they’re ready to be used! Our active stash consists of BG 3.0, BG 4.0, FuzziBunz, and Gerber prefolds and covers. I have a stash of fitteds but for some reason I just dont use them anymore. I think it’s because they get sooooo wet all over and his skin gets clammy if I don’t change it super frequently.

But that’s it! Simple huh?? Okay, it is a little work but really, in the scheme of things, knowing that I’m keeping that much out of the landfills makes it worth it (not to mention his bum is totally cute in the colors). I can’t wait till the BG 4.0 Artist Series comes out in Oct – I better have a job by then because I dont think I’ll be able to contain myself!

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