Sep 232010

How amazing that we’re closer to his first birthday than his actual birth! He grows by leaps and bounds every day it seems.

There’s no dr’s appt this month (or even for the next few months aside from his flu shot next month) so I had to guess on the stats…but here are some other fun facts about Noah at 7 months…

– He’s a full time sitter now! I plop him down and find that he’s able to get over to his belly without bonking his head. He’s even able to pull him self back up from a semi reclined position.
– He pops up on his thighs and gets his tummy off the ground. He hasn’t quite pulled his knees under him but that doesn’t deter him…he just pushes with his arms and moves backwards!
– He prefer veggies over fruits but is slowly coming around on the fruit. Peaches and mangoes are still a no go…
– He has solids three times a day, 5 bottles as well – this little boy can eat!
– He’ll turn to you when you call his name now. Generally he’ll start clapping too!
– He loves to shake his toys (except when he knocks himself in the head!)
– He’ll take two solid naps, sometimes three a day. Generally he’s sleeping from 7pm to 4am or so, eating, then back down till 7am. He’s almost always up by 7am but he just lays in the crib and babbles until I go in to get him.
– He seems to prefer to feed himself but really doesn’t get it yet
– He claps!
– There’s a tooth there that I can feel but not see yet….
– He would prefer to sit up straight than laid back in his car seat. I think it’s about time to get him a new car seat!
– Based on our scale here at home he’s 21lbs and I swear he just had a growth spurt because none of his clothes fit anymore! We’re solidly into the 6-9 month and 9 month clothes!

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  4 Responses to “7 months”

  1. Love the new pix. Can we order 3 sets of those stickers for our PG friends? First shower is the 23rd….

  2. Looks like he’s doing the same thing my newly 7 month old is doing. This is a great age isn’t it?!?

  3. He is adorable!! I love Picky Sticky stickers, such a clever idea!

  4. Simply adorable! They grow too fast!

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