Aug 092010

…we do! I’ve mentioned before about an upcoming fundraiser my mom is spearheading and my contribution will be to the bassinet booth with hand painted and appliqued onesies. We used our time at the beach to make progress in our efforts and took over the rather sizable dining room table (and thus relegated everyone to take their meals at either the bar or the smaller kitchen table on the other side of the room)

There’s just something relaxing about crafting and painting…it was the perfect way to spend the hot hot hot mid day hours

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  4 Responses to “Who goes to the beach to craft?”

  1. Wow – those are great. Have you considered selling them on Etsy?

    • B – yes. I think I’m going to set up a store to augment the on location sale. I took pics of all 60 odd onesies we made but will only put up 10 or 15 on the store for now. I’ll post a link once I get it rolling (I need a clever name…)

  2. how fun! I’d totally do more crafting if the boys didn’t take up MOST of my day these days :) I miss it but you guys seem VERY good at it, I just do it for fun and relaxation! Happy crafting at the beach!!!

    • Marissa – this is the only way we were able to get lots done. Most of the time my dad or husband had Noah so that we could concentrate. Otherwise, I’d only get one or two done a night. My mom is the one that was doing all the free hand painting…I stuck with fabric and appliques:)

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