Aug 012010

8 hours in a car with a 5 month old has the potential to be a real miserable situation. Thankfully Noah was cooperative and aside from one meltdown (while on a bridge with no option to stop of course) he made it the whole 8 hours with a smile on his face!

Happy Baby!

Our goal was to leave at 4am to avoid much of the traffic but things never go as planned. Around 8:00 we finally pulled out – Noah with a full belly and fresh diaper. He promptly fell asleep and I’d hoped it would be for a good part of the start of our trip but alas, he was enthralled by the passing scenery

This is how he spent much of his waking time. Alternating between talking to me (when I was in the back) and his toys (when I sat up front with daddy). He’d get fussy when he was hungry and I’d crawl back to feed him a bottle. We only stopped long enough for the grown ups to get some food and change his diaper.

Even the dog was calm and collected…

Towards the end (where it took us 3 hours to go 30 miles ) we’d started using the GPS to find alternate streets just to feel like we were moving. Noey started to get really restless right as we drove out on to the bridge that connects the mainland to the OBX and ended up all out wailing by about mid span (mind you, it too 30 min to get across the 3 mile stretch). DH took hold of the GPS and as soon as we were off the bridge, we were short cutting thru neighborhoods in hopes of finding a place to stop to change and feed little man. After a quick change, I put a naked (save for a diaper) Noey back in his carseat and off we went.

8 hours after we started we finally pulled in to our new digs for the week! Now, I’m ready for some fun and sun and relaxation:) Posting may be sporadic but I’ll do what I can:)

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  4 Responses to “Whew…we made it…”

  1. So my feed wasn’t working and I hadn’t been receiving any updates from you!!!! All the fun things finally worked out, now I can keep up with your adventures!!! Love the new ‘place’!

  2. Sounds like it will be a good week!

  3. Glad you made it without too much trouble! Enjoy your vacation!

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