Aug 162010

So, our summer travel season is just hitting its stride! This past weekend we drove down to Virginia Beach for a volleyball tournament for DH and I decided that since we were making the trip, that we should make a weekend out of it:) The commute not withstanding, we had an awesome time!

I have to say, I forgot how nice Va beach is! It’s been forever since I’ve been there in the evening and actually this is the first time we stayed the night at the beach (instead of in Newport News – 10 miles outside of the shore). After DH was done at the tournament, we all got ready (Noey in PJ’s) and set out to find dinner on the boardwalk somewhere. We saw lots of bands setting up and knew we were in for a treat later. We ate dinner watching the clouds change color over the ocean and listened to some Buffet courtesy of the two guys at the bar.

Noey dozed on and off in his stroller as we walked up the boardwalk stopping to listen to a magician or a band. We even saw some folks that we knew getting packed up after the games had ended and stopped to chat. No night at the beach is complete without ice cream so we just had to stop (sooooo blew my diet this weekend…back on the wagon today!). In the end, Noah fell asleep for good around 9:00 and we continued to walk around on the boardwalk and listen to some of the bands playing until 10:30 or so. I was happy to find that I wasn’t the only mom who had my child out at such hours:) We saw many a stroller pass us with sleeping little ones in them. I mean, if he’s going to sleep, why lock ourselves in our room – he can sleep just as well in his stroller as he can in his pack’n’play:)

I think what I liked about Va beach is that it was very family oriented and had lots of entertainment in the boardwalk area. There aren’t many (if any) arcades but there are lots of bands, theater actors, and other performers as well as small carnival rides here and there. Plus, you have miles and miles of beaches to hand out on and listen to the surf. I’m anxious to go back and spend so more time down there when Noah’s a little older (and can enjoy the beach instead of just laying around and eating sand)

The only damper to the weekend was the trip to and from. The commute to and from was awful – I’m never letting DH control the navigation again (we headed out the opposite direction we needed to be going just to try to circle around traffic – it didn’t work!). We both concluded that unlike in California where you have amazing mountains, national parks and beaches within a weekend trip, the East coast really just has their beaches. The mountains here are pretty but not your typical vacation destination for folks (unlike Cali where Tahoe is a fine place to vacation for a week) and since there’s really only one North/South artery (and only 2 or 3 east/west ones) you’re destined to sit in traffic somewhere – that’s the reality. I do need to remind him that even in Cali we had horrible traffic on the way to Tahoe and Yosemite….especially if you left after work on Friday:)

It’s definitely not a deterrent but rather our new reality living on the East Coast.

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  1. Noah looks tough in that first picture… was he angry?

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