Aug 272010

More progress despite some setback and a very busy schedule. I’m encouraged:) We’re refinancing the house so we spent most of our evenings this week cleaning like we’ve never cleaned before. We wanted the house to show perfectly so the appraiser gave it the best marks he could. It worked – sort of – but that’s another story. Due to this cleaning frenzy I didn’t have a ton of time to work out but I think the cleaning in itself was activity enough!

So first, mixed results on the goals:
– Stay on the water bandwagon…i have to consciously remind myself: I did better this week but not perfect. I’ve added coffee into the diet too just to survive!
– Try one new healthy recipe with Quinona in it!….I looked one up yesterday, does that count??
– Stretch every night and try to get my legs back in order…yea,failed at this one. By the time I got to the end of the night I was spent
– walk with Noah every evening, work up to a light jog…we got in one walk and one bike ride.. plus LOTS of cleaning

Next, Stats by the week:
Week 1 – 142lbs (7 weeks postpartum)
Week 4 – 140lbs – ouch…no excuses, I have a new workout regime and a new resolve for eating healthy…we should start seeing that number drop.
Week 8 – 135 – Hallelujah! Real progress now! I don’t expect it will continue at this rate but we’ll see.
Week 12 – 133 – time to get back to counting calories:)
Week 15.5 – 136.5 – taken on Monday (hence the .5 in 15.5 weeks) NOTE: this is on a new scale which disagrees with my old scale so we’re kind of resetting a bit.
Week 19 – 136.0
Week 20 – 134.5
Week 21 – 132.5 – okay, we’re on a roll here!

and finally, the Goals this week are:
– Stay on the water bandwagon…i have to consciously remind myself
– Finally try that power house grain Quinona!
– walk with Noah every evening, work up to a light jog.

I’m finding that my eating habits are changing with all this calorie counting -for the better! I’ve managed to keep the junk out of the house and replace them with lots of fruits and veggies to munch on. When I do slip I can accommodate that slip by eating better later. I don’t deprive myself of snacks, I just find ones that are lower in fat and calories like 100 calorie Skinny Cow Fudge bars or Jello with fat free Cool Whip.

Anyways…I’ll leave you with this little treat – Noah saying good morning.

I was trying to get a little work done before we headed to daycare but his obsession with my keyboard made that impossible so we decided to play with the webcam instead:)

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  3 Responses to “Summer Shape Up Check in and a good morning…”

  1. Hey there!

    There are some great quinoa recipes on Girl’s Gone Child’s blog under the ‘eat well’ tab. (

    Rebecca is an AMAZING writer, which is why I started reading her in the first place, but she is also a vegetarian and just all around super cool chic. Her mother is also vegetarian and does guest posts for Rebecca.

    Keep up the great work with the weight loss! :oD We’re headed to PA this weekend and there are two picnics in our future that I know of. I’m doomed!

  2. You will love quinoa! It is kinda like cous-cous and good as just a side or made into a salad.

  3. Congrats on your progress! Keep up the good work! I’m also looking for a good use of quinoa, so definitely post your recipe :)

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