Aug 242010

Sorry Facebook friends, you’re going to get a double dose of these since I just posted them there as well:)

Photographing a 6 month old is tricky business! He just kept moving on me! At one point I corralled him in the crib but all he wanted to do was suck on the bars. Plus, he won’t smile unless he can see my face which is obscured by the camera. I move the camera, make him smile and by the time I get the it back up and in place, he’s stopped. Cheeky monkey!

Ignore the snot encrusted nose, I only had a chance to fix it in a few of the shots:)

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  2 Responses to “Rest of the 6 month photoshoot…”

  1. I am so over the top for this kiddo////

  2. He has some of the most beautiful eyes!

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