Aug 222010

I love when an opportunity just kind of drops in our laps and my wonderful hubs has the wherewithal to say yes even though he couldn’t consult with the master schedule (me)!

His program lead had two Redskins tickets for yesterdays preseason game against the Ravens and couldn’t use them. Hubs figured that if we had anything scheduled, we could move it for this since this was a very rare opportunity and we’d probably never get to do it again. I’m so glad he said yes! I’ve never been to an NFL game and what a great way to start Noey out on the road to loving football:) I was sad it wasn’t for our Steelers but I figured we could root for the Skins and not betray our black and gold too much (since we don’t face them in the regular season.)

So, DH got the tickets but wouldn’t tell me where they were. All he told me was that we had a Platinum parking pass (the best pass you can get). You can kind of deduce where we were based on our pass (they don’t give Platinum passes to regular seats). However, he still wanted to surprise me and kept it a secret. After arriving at the game, DH led us over to the special doors designated for Suite users/owners and said, “yup, I think these are the right doors” (with a big ole grin on his face!). We were going to watch the game from his company’s lower level suite!!

Turns out they have a double suite right on the 50 yard line! I’m so spoiled now – how can I go back to a regular stadium seat after that? They had all the food and beverages you could want. Stadium seats, bar level seats, and plush leather seats by the TV’s depending on how involved you wanted to be with the game. There were 4 different flat panel tvs – two broadcasting the live field feed and two broadcasting what network TV was showing.

I felt odd having Noey there so far after his bedtime but he did perfect! He entertained folks with his cute smiles and laughs and then promptly fell asleep around 9:00 (which was only a little later than normal). Everyone adored him and commented on how happy he was. I was just happy we had a long 2 hour nap together in the afternoon which lead to him being such a happy baby!

Overall it was a great treat! I told DH to let the guy know that if he ever needs to offload those tix again we’ll happily take them!!:)

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  1. What a fun night! Starting him early, huh?

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