Aug 102010

So I wasn’t around on Friday to do this for real and honestly I debated on whether to do this at all this week considering my number but alas..that’s why I’m putting this up there…to motivate my butt to keep working on it. I didn’t plan for it to be a struggle but it has been. My motivation is waning and the scale number creeping up doesn’t help at all!

So, without further adieu…137.4

That’s up a few lbs from my last weigh in and despite running on the beach while on vaca, water retention and good food have gotten the best of my progress.

I’m recommitting myself this week and even made it to the gym yesterday (every bone in my body hurts now). Plus, I signed DH and myself up for a half marathon in May. We have some time but at least I have some reason to get my tush out there and lace up my running shoes. This strategy worked well two years ago when we did our first half, let’s hope it works as well this time round – having Noah is an added challenge.

Plus, I stopped by the grocery store for more fruits and veggies and healthy/low cal snack items. I’m enjoying a bowl full of grapes at the moment – a step forward. I’m trying to remind myself that I don’t need chips or even pretzels and that grapes, strawberries and cucumbers are better…..repeat to myself…”125…125…125….” (my goal weigh for those who didn’t catch on)

Crossing my fingers that Friday’s scale reading is better…

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  2 Responses to “Mini summer shape up check in…”

  1. I feel ya, cousin. I completely stalled out this week. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s just fat being exchanged for muscle and that I need to be patient, but if it happens next week, I’m going to cry.

    Vacation weeks are tough even with beach running! Cut yourself some slack. The half marathon will be a great motivator! Good luck with that!

  2. You’re doing GREAT! You don’t even want to KNOW what my weight is right now lol It took years to realize… hey.. you have two kids… you can lose weight and look good, but you’re never going to be the 115 you were in high school.

    You LOOK amazing and that’s what matters ;) Keep on truckin lol

    PS – I grabbed your button and put it on my page.. how in the WORLD do you make a button??

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