Aug 232010

And here we are again, another month has moved on by at light speed! Our little Noey is 1/2 a year old now – how is that? I have a baby that’s half way to being a full year old…oi vey…whoa is me…someone tell me how to stop it, he’s growing too fast!

Today was his dr’s appt and our little man is turning out to be a tall skinny monkey with a big noggin, just like his daddy! 95% for height (28in), 50% for weight (17.5lbs), and 95% for noggin size (18 in – almost big enough to fit the toddler bike helmet I bought him!)

Here are some more fun facts about our Noey at 6 months…
– he’s found his feet and loves tasting them. I think he surprised himself when the toes wiggled while he was sucking on them
– he can roll back and forth with ease but really prefers to be on his back when we force him into floor time (unless, that is of course, I’m trying to change his diaper. Then it’s everything in me to keep him in one spot)
– he can maneuver himself to get whatever he want. He generally uses his head as a pivot
– He’s nearly sitting on his own! Put a toy infront of him and he’s all set otherwise he tends to roll around.
– he loves loves loves his exersaucer
– he loves loves loves green beans but hates peaches
– sleep is hit or miss…sometimes he’ll do 7-3 then 3-6 but others he’ll do 9-1 then 1-6 or 7…regardless he gives us one nice long snooze and then short one.
– he prefers to sit stand to being on his back or belly
– he’ll play the piano or bang on your keyboard if you plop him in your lap. I think I’ve even heard him sing once or twice while banging on the piano!
– he went to his first football game and his first ocean experience this month
– he’s drinking 25-30oz of formula and eating 1/2 jar of fruit in the AM and a full jar of veggies in the PM

I could probably go on but I know you all want pictures:) Here’s the first part of the shoot…I have more but haven’t had a chance to edit them yet.

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  1. Too cute! Love the onesies with numbers on them – great idea! He has such pretty eyes :)

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