Jul 252010

We had a fabulous and fun filled weekend with lots of fun pics! The highlight was driving up to PA to meet our newest nephew! He’s 2 weeks old and about 9 lbs and OMG, not only is he gorgeous, he felt like nothing when I held him! I can’t remember Noah that small but I know for sure that he was. I managed to snag some quality snuggle time with the little man which was wonderful!

Later that day, while the mommies were inside staying cool, Grandpa Kloep had set up the baby pool and water gun stations for the boys to enjoy. And did they enjoy! Heck, I even dressed Noey and let him play in the pool for a bit. Unfortunately he’d just woken up from a nap (okay, maybe I woke him…I really wanted to see what he would do in the baby pool) and was a tad cranky and not very tolerant of all the screaming and splashing so we made it a quick dip.

The big boys ended their time in the sun with a few adult beverages and some relaxing under the sprinkler…

I love that my sister-in-law and her family have moved closer to the grandparents. Now when we go up, we can see everyone at one time and now I’ll get to see more of my awesome little nephews! I think DH is similarly pleased. He had so much fun playing with them and rough housing (and it didn’t hurt that they still fall for his magic tricks:) ). Watching him play and interact with them just melted my heart! Noey is a very fortunate little man to have a daddy like that. I can already see some of the silly things they’ll get in to together.

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