Jul 022010

Well…it was bound to happen…I gained:( I could list every excuse in the book but bottom line, I didn’t achieve my goal this week. I only made two workouts and was pretty lazy with the calorie counting. I did drink more water but not as much as I wanted.

Sad part is, I knew all week that a gain was coming – i just wasn’t as motivated or diligent as I’ve been in the past. Chalk it up to being sick, having a sick dog, and a baby who didn’t want to sleep. Even my favorite boxing instructor asked where I’d been…

The goal this coming week is to get back track…the holiday is going to make this challenging. I must control myself at those BBQ’s where soda and chips abound! I need to find ways to work out even when I can’t make the gym…time to break out the Yoga and Pilates DVD’s again.

Stats by the week:
Week 1 – 142lbs (7 weeks postpartum)
Week 2 – 138lbs – woohoo!
Week 4 – 140lbs – ouch…no excuses, I have a new workout regime and a new resolve for eating healthy…we should start seeing that number drop.
Week 6 – 139.5 – okay, .5 lbs! I attribute that to the fact that i’m putting on muscle and muscle weighs more than fat right??:)
Week 7 – 137.5 – woohooo! Now, we fluctuated a bit this week but as of this AM this is where I’m at!!
Week 8 – 135 – Hallelujah! Real progress now! I don’t expect it will continue at this rate but we’ll see.
Week 9 – 135 – With no exercise all week I’ll take a steady number over what it could have been
Week 10 – 134 – 1 lb…i’ll take it!
Week 11 – 133.5 which is pretty good since I only made it to the gym once this week
Week 12 – 133 – time to get back to counting calories:)
Week 13 – 134.5 – Yikes…but it’s bound to happen!

Okay, now to making new friends!!


New Friend Fridays

Hello to all you new folks! I hope you find something here that you’ll want to come back over and over again for! This blog was started to keep the fam up to date on my first pregnancy and has continued after my little Noah was born. Topics range from smitten momma ramblings to hard hitting pieces about 529 plans and the like (haha…hard hitting..maybe not but it’s fun to dream that I could actually write something that could be considered hard hitting) and has a smattering of photography (of my little man of course) thrown in for fun.

Me? I’m an almost a 30 something (gah!) working mamma who would love to ditch her mortgage in order to stay home with little man but sadly bought when the housing market was at its peak and probably couldn’t even break even in the sale. Some day I dream of leaving the corporate world to do something more creative – like photography or crocheting!:) But for now amuse myself with hobby photography and blogging.

Anywho…glad to e-meet you and I hope you leave a comment to let me know you stopped by!

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  2 Responses to “Summer Shape Up and Follow Friday”

  1. Hey! You are awesome there girl! How old is your baby now? It’s sure hard, isn’t it! Mine is 7 months. My problem is she keeps crying at the gym and getting kicked out! :)

    You are awesome!

    Hope your weekend is good.

  2. Happy 4th! I’m following you now on New Friend Friday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”




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