Jul 272010

Two posts in one day…luck you!

When I saw the “sports” theme I thought I had just the picture but as I looked thru to find it, I found like 10 others that would have worked well too….such decisions. I decided on this one because it’s summer and I’m missing the beach.

This is hubsy getting ready to crush the ball…

Head on over to Trendy Treehouse to see more “sports” related photos:


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  4 Responses to “Shutter Love Tuesday….”

  1. Perfect shot for this theme. Great work.

  2. this picture takes me back to my pre-baby days when my hubs and i would spend all day, every day playing volleyball down on the beach. love it!

    • I wish we lived closer so that hubsy could get to play more. He’s found some sand leagues around here but it’s not the same:) You need the sea breeze blowing in your hair and the ocean to rinse off and cool down in after a long hard match!

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