Jul 282010

Why yes, yes it is – you gotta problem with that??

There’s a story behind this outfit thought. See, I have this wool soaker that I’ve been wanting to try but was not quiet sure how it worked. Yes yes, you put it over a fitted or prefold, I got that part…but since it is a great wicking layer, I don’t know if you should put a sleeper over it or let it stand alone. My experience from my skiing days leads me to believe that I could probably put something over it but that it may get wet so tonight is an experiment – woolie alone. And since I couldn’t put him in a sleeper and I couldn’t let him go naked I used the only long sleeved shirt I had – brown and blue stripes. Then, I noticed that his little legs would probably get cold since the soaker only came to his knees so on went the babylegs (yes, the green ones were the best option out of all the legs we have). Thankfully Noah’s not picky about his fashion sense because they all don’t match and actually clash quite horribly.

So, mommas that use wool…how do you do it? Wool alone with a shirt and babylegs? or under a bodysuit?

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  4 Responses to “Is that how your mamma dresses you?”

  1. HILARIOUS post! I have no idea what a woolie is, but it sure looks cute and interesting!

    • woolies are wool diaper covers for cloth diapers. They’re used over a fitted or prefold diaper as an alternative to the waterproof covers. They breath better, are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and are super absorbent which makes the great for night time diapering.

  2. I THINK you’re supposed to do the woolies alone. I received some in a hand-me-down package, but I just can’t wrap my mind around having wool next to that delicate skin AND it seems hard to put on and off… so I’ve never tried them! I’m curious if you’re going to love this technique.

    • Seemed to work great with the woolie alone. He was damp in the AM but only if I pushed on the material and left my hand there for a while. His sheet was not wet at all! I did have a fitted diaper on underneath the woolie with a doubler in it so there was lots of absorbency there!

      The wool we have are all recycled sweaters so they’re actually quite soft. I have two pull ons (which are a PIA to get on really) and one wrap (which I think I’ll try tonight:)). So far I like them as night time options…maybe as the weather gets cooler I’ll get (or knit) a few longies to use….oh the projects:)

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