Jul 192010

So, when Noey was born I knew it wouldn’t be long before we needed to make a trip out to California due to my job. I say “we” because I don’t think I’d survive 5 whole days without his smiling face so I knew he’d have to come along and if he’s coming, DH was too because I’d have to work. Plus, who needs more of an excuse to fly out to San Francisco than a free hotel room and the opportunity to play tourist in the city.

So, this past week we loaded Noey up and took our first cross country trip. Here are a few things I learned when flying with a baby:

– You don’t need to buy them a seat. Children under a certain age (2?) can ride in your lap. With Noey being so little, there’s no way I was paying $300 for a seat for him:)
– If they do ride in your lap, make sure you tell the airline prior so they can add them to the reservation as an infant in the lap. You need to do this because he needs his own boarding card to get thru security and on to the airplane.
– We took his carseat and snap’n’go to the gate and gate checked it but really only used it as a luggage cart to carry my laptop, the camera bag, and his diaper bag because I wore him the whole time.
– Wearing him in the Ergo was easier and more comfortable for him. You have to take them out of the carseat and break everything down to get thru security and that would have been a nightmare if he was sleeping so having him in the Ergo meant he could sleep and hang out as we made our way thru security
– We swapped our over the shoulder diaper bag for a backpack (my day pack) because we already had two over the shoulder things and knowing DH would be walking around SF it was just easier – best choice ever!
– Lots of toys! Noah was pretty good for both flights but on the second one he got into a “must be entertained” mode that required all the toys we had avail (plus the help of the pretty ladies across the aisle).
– Pack more of everything than you’ll think you need…formula, clothes, diapers…and don’t count on a changing table in the airplane.
– Bottle, boob, or paci on the way up and down. It helps them equalize as the pressure changes.

Overall he did a great job! We had a few squawks on the landing on the way out and a bit of fussiness on the way back (the “entertain me” moment that necessitated the toys) but overall he did soo well! He even adjusted to the time change and back with great ease!

Now, having a baby in a hotel room is another story entirely. I was happy to check out of there and check in at hotel Uncle Ralph (DH’s Uncle) – the room was quiet and the food was fab!

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