Jul 242010

So, our last full day in the bay area was full of family and friends. We met up with our good friends and their little man for brunch and a quick walk around Sausalito in the sun. It was a BEAUTIFUL day on the bay but I ended up soooo sunburned…haha.

After that meeting, we headed back up to pick up DH’s uncle and head out to see the rest of the cousins. They have two little ones that we’ve never met – one just a few months younger than Noah and of course they’ve never met Noah. We spent the afternoon/evening talking, catching up and just generally enjoying the day. We tried some swimming but the pool was way way cold – I only got to Noah’s ankles before he freaked out and wailed.

Anywho….I was sad to see our trip end. It was nice being back in the city by the bay and visiting with family. If we had unlimited money we’d buy a house there and spend our summers there living it up!

And for everyone’s viewing pleasure…pictures!

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  2 Responses to “Family Fun…”

  1. How do you create that photo layout???

  2. Great pics…looks like fun!

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