Jul 192010

Okay, first things first. I weighed in this AM and no surprise, I’ve gained. A new scale, coupled with good eats and water retention from the salt in the good eats have put me up a few lbs. We stand at 136.5 today and I know a good part of that is water just based on how even the embroidery on Noey’s onesie left a deep impression in my skin.

I’m on glass number two of water today…hopefully I can keep this up and the water retention goes away.

Okay, now…lots of catching up to do. Over the next few days I’ll have posts about our trip adventures in San Fran (rather, Mark’s trip adventures – I was working). He and Noey had an awesome time from the looks of it!

He took his first plane ride and did awesome! Plus he adjusted to the time zone change pretty well (and seems to be adjusting back quite nicely).

Anywho…stay tuned…lots of pics and stories to follow!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear, cuz I love San Fran!!

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