Jul 252010

A day or so late!:) I took his pictures on the right day but work was crazy and getting ready for the weekend put me off so I’m a little late on getting this posted.

I can’t believe we’re to 5 months already! I held a two week old that weighed more than Noah did at birth and it just blows me away how tiny he is. Noah is a moose compared to him – such amazing things happen in only 5 months!

Now he’s:
– rolling from back to belly and belly to back pretty easily. I never know what position I’m going to find him in when I get him in the morning.
– going to bed between 7 and 8 and generally waking up now around 6:45am. He spends the time just talking to him self in his crib. I usually go in around 7:00am and grab him and he’s all smiles waiting for me. I love it!
– still at one feeding per night. Generally between 2 and 4 somewhere but he stretched it to 5:00am the other day – that felt weird!
– weighs 16.8lbs or so. If he were in disposable diapers he’d be in 3’s (we used sposies while in California – no washing machine and a poo-fobic hubby:)). I’ve opened his one sized cloth diapers another row of snaps!
– all smiles and giggles! Strangers get a kick out of him because 98% of the time he’s putting on a show…screaming, talking, blowing bubbles, laughing.
– has tried rice, oatmeal, squash, bananas, and green beans. So far, while bananas seem to be his favorite, he’s taking everything equally. He even attacked a spoonful of green beans this AM – I was impressed! I had a big plan on when i was going to intro what but that’s gone out the window. I still stick with the 3 day rule but I’ve been bouncing between fruit and veggies depending on what I grab first.
– He’s mastered many of the toys on his Baby Einstein table as well as his car seat toy bar. It’s fun to watch him push buttons and react to when they start to sing. He’s still not super coordinated but you can tell his motions are getting more and more deliberate. If he’s tired he’s really uncoordinated but most of the time he’s got it down pretty good.
– seems to like sitting at the piano with mommy. We take about 30 min after he gets home from daycare to play. I’ll play a song and sing to him, he adds his two cents by screaming or whacking the keys. I really hope he has a ear for music – it’s a big part of my life and I want to share it with him (and of course we hope he’s athletic like his daddy too…he can be like Finn on Glee!)

He’s just an amazing little boy. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him any more, he smiles and my heart explodes with happiness:) Seriously, that smile could melt the coldest of hearts I’m positive!

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  3 Responses to “5 months!”

  1. Aww he is adorable!! Babies are so fun at this age and they just keep getting cuter and funner!

    A little late but wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and I am following you right back from Follow Friday!

    Have a great day!

  2. I start every day looking at Noah…He’s one of my stress-reducers…puts the priorities straight. 5 days to contact and counting… Lots and lots of love…Like UNcle J’s “love Button”

  3. So Precious! Happy 5 months, baby boy :)

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