Jul 062010

So this weekend was a full one for the little Kloeps! We made the trek north to visit with Gramma and Papa! So much fun was had that the weekend is easier retold in bullet form:

– After we sprung the dog from the vet (with a bag full of meds and some $600 odd dollars later) we took our first family trip in the new car. Macie was happy because she could stretch out in the back. We were happy because all of our stuff fit!

– Noah got to meet a few more of his cousins at my Aunt’s 3rd of July picnic! We’re about 1/2 of the way thru meeting all of the cousins. They’re spread out all over so it’s going to take a while to get to visit them all.

– Mommy managed to sneak away for an afternoon showing of Eclipse with Gramma. Shirtless Jacob was almost enough to convert me to “Team Jacob” but alas, true love holds on and I remain “Team Edward”. While Mommy and Gramma were out drooling, Daddy and Papa took turns entertaining Noey. They were both thankful when Gramma and I came home and took over:)

– We lit up Papa’s fire pit in the back yard and made some s’mores after Noey went to bed. Had a few fruity cocktails to go with it. S’mores and Guava/Mango juice really don’t jive. Milk is a better accompaniment.

– DH stopped at one of the many fireworks stands and picked us up a variety pack of fireworks. We spent the evening lighting them off and taking pictures (shown below)

– Noey got some quality time with gramma and papa. They were good grandparents and took turns loving on him:)

– Noey, DH, and I drove out to visit Abby, Patrick and JP (friends from college and their new little boy). He’s less than 24 hours younger than Noah! JP was overdue and Noey was early…funny to see them side by side.

– The trip home was interesting…..6 hours, 2 detours, and a screaming baby – ’nuff said! (but it was fun driving the new car!)

– What made the trip home worse (outside of all the traffic and crying child) is that Noey’s found his voice. Before this weekend his cries were quiet and tolerable. You moved quickly but it wasn’t an emergency. Well, all that is over. He’s found his volume button and cranked it all the way up! Cries, talking, screeches…you name it, he does it, at full volume! Think 4 months is too you to try to teach the “indoor voice” concept?:)

– We kind of knew this before but gramma reminded us of it…Noey hates – I stress HATES – when you blow on his belly…you get a 2 second WTF look and then he exercises those lungs of his. Only mommy can calm him down.

– My Google reader is at 815 unread posts – you all have been busy over the weekend!!

Think that’s it…well, there was more but it’s all details. Here are some pics for your patience:)

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