Jun 252010

Well, at least Nick@A Dad’s Take does:) He sent me my very first award!!! Check him out – one of the few daddy bloggers that I’ve run into so far!

There are some rules that need to be followed. I need to give you guys 7 things about me and then I need to nominate 15 other blogs so here goes:

1. I’m a twin
2. I spent a semester at the University of St. Andrews at the same time Prince William was attending and got to walk past him every tues/thursday on my way to class!
3. I have dreams of quitting my job and doing photography full time…maybe some day..
4. I lived in California after graduation
5. I work from home and “telecommute” to California daily
6. I was one of the top 10 in my graduating class (of 185 people..whoopee…)
7. I started college majoring in biology and ended up in info sys….I still love biology and all things medical…

And, now to pass this on I choose (in no certain order)
1. Steph @ A Grande Life
2. Brian @ Switch to Plan B
3. Shell @ Things I can’t say
4. Jenn @ Bridgetown Baby Momma
5. Erika@ MommyBurgh
6. T.Bird @ Look at the Birds
7. Sam @ life is beautiful
8. Lacey @ Our life: Narrated by Lacey
9. Kat @ Seeking Sanity
10. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos
11. Mandy @ My Life with one eye open
12. Jia @ Untypically Jia
13. B @ Three Cute Guys
14. Jennifer @ Crying over spilled milk
15. Jenn @ A day in the life…

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  8 Responses to “Woohoo…you like me…you really like me…”

  1. woo hoo! gracias!

  2. Very cool! Thank you! :)

  3. Wow! Thanks so much! I’m honored you like my blog enough to pass an award my way! I’ll be “accepting” it soon. :)

  4. Thanks so much – I’ve got it saved in my inbox to post later. You’re awesome!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Noah is a little doll! Congrats on your first blogger award. God bless!

  6. How awesome that you are able to telecommute! I wish I could find something to do from home.

    Thanks for the mention!

  7. Thanks so much!

  8. Congrats!! New Follower!

    My baby girl (second child) was born Feb 16, 2010!

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