Jun 302010

(this is going to be a long post…sorry…)

To say that this AM has been interesting is an understatement! It started yesterday when the dog decided that since we all got a good night sleep (Noey slept from 7:15pm to 6:30am!), she’d wake us up with the sounds of her vomiting all over our carpet at 6am (if it’s not one thing it’s another right?…no sleeping past 6am anymore).

To add insult to injury, as she was walking back inside from her morning potty break, she got stung by a bee. I thought the vomit was a one time thing until about 4:00 in the afternoon when she started tossing her cookies over and over again (5 times in the course of 3 hours…cleaning up doggie puke is sooooo much worse than baby poop!). A quick call to the vet, some pepcid, and a barricade to contain her in the kitchen – we all went to bed. What we woke up to in the AM was something I was not at all prepared for!

She’d decorated our entire kitchen floor with her bodily fluids – in every form imaginable (sorry…TMI). DH spent the next hour cleaning and scrubbing and praying that the OxyClean would get the stains out without ruining our natural stone floors (btw…it did! Total miracle cleaner) While he did all that, I called the vets and made an appt to take her in ASAP (and all the while, Noey is quietly playing in his crib, talking to himself…I love that little boy!). We’ve been thru this before with her and know that once it reaches this point the only thing we can do is hospitalize her for IV fluids and meds.

Once the vet looked her over, she confirmed that this is what we dealt with last year. However, at this point we have no idea what’s causing it aside from perhaps a virus or something environmental (in our backyard perhaps). She has a sensitive stomach to begin with so a virus that induces vomiting is harder on her than on other dogs and it escalates quickly. Having been thru this around the same time last year I know what we’re in for and that is an overnight stay in the vet hospital and very hefty vet bill. She’ll pull thru and we’ll go on with our summer and probably not face this again until next year. These are the days when I wish we had pet health insurance:)

And like the title suggests, when it rains it pours. See, I also had a dr’s appt this AM. I woke up on Monday with a sore eye. It was bloodshot and just sore in general. I thought that I’d maybe overdone it at boxing and strained too hard doing sit ups or something but over the course of the next few days it only got worse and I could see I’d developed an ulcer or something in the center of the redness. Off to the eye Dr. (that is, after I could find one – there’s only two in my local area that take my insurance and one was out of town!). It turns out that I tore the covering of my eye somehow. I must have scratched or rubbed in my sleep which then tore it..who knows. Anyways, I’m on antibiotic drops for the next 10 days to prevent infection as it heals on its own. thankfully Noah and DH are in good health. I dont know if I can handle more sickness.

I tried to take a shot of my dilated eyes but FAILed…so here’s a pic of our Macie..the consumer of my next paycheck…

oh…any yesterday when we went to cook the salmon that we bought from Costco, DH found a worm swimming around in the juices….ewwwwww…just ewwwwww….

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