Jun 272010

Seems that I’m always the one behind the camera…so there are no pics of Noah and mommy (or very few). So, in honor of having my hair done and some new highlights, I gave the camera over to hubsy and told him to take some pics.

All in all this weekend has been exciting! We bought a new car (well, new to us anyways). We’re the proud new owners of a 2006 Honda Pilot! Now we’ll have room for the dog AND all of Noey’s stuff! That was getting to be a bit of a challenge in our other sedan. I’m just happy to be rid of the old red car…poor thing was hobbling this last week or so. It was either a new exhaust system or a new car…I’m happy with the new car!!

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  2 Responses to “Turning the tables…”

  1. I agree with Momma K :) Hope we get to see you guys in DC in August!

  2. No question about ‘who’s you momma?” with this kid. Looks just like his mommy. I am prejudiced but think you are both BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

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