Jun 282010

So, here we are 4 months in and I’m getting a better sense of what we’ve used with Noah and what we’ve not

– just go for the bigger sized bottles – they outgrow the tiny 4 ounce things soo quickly
– don’t go crazy buying one type of bottle until you figure out if your LO will use it. We have 5 million Avent bottles and stage 2 nipples that we don’t use because they give Noah a horrible belly full of air. We’re using the Dr. Browns bottles now and aside from the 50 million parts, they work well (but we still have 3 4oz bottles that we almost never use)

– hind sight is 20/20…the only two wraps that I’d use next time are my Moby and the Ergo…the sling, Kelty, and other carriers I have are just sitting by the wayside.
– for the Ergo Sport you likely don’t need the heart2heart insert…then again, just use the moby until your LO is big enough.

– socks – i have 20 million pairs of socks (seriously…waaayyy too many!). Maybe as he grows he’ll wear them but in a given week we gothru maybe 5 pairs. Plus, I got all these super cute Trumpette socks which I adore but in all honesty, I’m a sucker for matching and tend to use just plain white tube socks when I can’t find anything else.
– I have waaaaaay too many onesies! I just a whole stack of 0-3’s away unworn. Keep the receipts and tags until you’re sure you’re going to use them. 10-15 onesies in each size is more than sufficient (then again, we dont have a baby that spits up alot nor do we have diaper blow outs a ton..)

– I’ve gone thru three diaper bags – the first was too small, the second too big, the third is just right. Now we use only the second and third bags (one for travel and one for every day ins and outs). Heck, I’ve been using my day pack more and more these days because it’s easier!
– Pacifiers – we have about 11 different kinds and Noah only takes 2 of them if he takes it at all. Not a huge deal to have too many but a waste none the less.
– Cloth diapers as burp rags – a savior! Noah went thru a pd where he’d throw just about an entire bottle back up at you and the diaper/burp rag was the nly thing that saved our clothes and/or furniture.
– Bottle Sterilizer – don’t need it! Grab a few of those Medela bag sterilizers if you really think you need it. I just use my dishwasher on sanitize and we’re good – if i even sanitize them. I generally just wash them in really hot water.
– Baby Bathtub – i’m on the fence here. If we had a bigger bathroom maybe I’d be happier with it. I think we would have been better with one of those foam thingys until he got big enough for the tub (which is where he is now – he prefers the big tub over the little tub)

– Carseat – the Peg Perego that we have is great! It’s a tad heavy but I know he’s safe in it. I wanted a carrier type seat so that we could move him from car to wherever when he was sleeping. now that he’s 4 months I’m starting to look at convertible seats instead. He’s just getting too freakin heavy to carry in that thing (on the other side though I’m getting a great bicep and ab workout when I carry him)
– Stroller – i’m happy with our choice to go with the Snap’n’Go with is car seat. On the of chance I do use the stroller (I normally carry him in the Ergo) it’s just the right size and weight to fit in the car and then fold up at the restaurant.
– Jogging stroller – As much as I would have liked a BOB, I couldn’t force myself to spend the $400 odd dollars that they cost. We’re happy with the Jeep on that we have. It’s rugged enough to go on the paths around here and thru the streams as necessary. It’s really bulky to fold up – i have to take the wheels off to get it in my sedan’s trunk!

You all know where I stand on diapers:)

I think that’s it for now….I’m sure I’ll think of more and as he starts into his toys and highchairs etc I’ll have more for you guys!!

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  3 Responses to “Things for baby – 4 month edition”

  1. I have a feeling that with the next baby, my opinions of products will be totally different!

    OH, and don’t count out the Kelty yet! Once Hazel hit about 7 months, it is our FAVORITE!

  2. Don’t you wish you had listened more when people told you “wait untill the baby is here.” Ugh..but it is SO much fun to buy baby things!!

  3. Because I’m a total slacker, I’m just getting around to this…I passed on award on to you this morning. Congrats and swing by to grab it when you have a sec!

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