Jun 022010

So, what started out as a clogged tear duct last week has turned into a full blown sinus infection in poor little Noah.  We were sent home yesterday from the docs with a script for amoxicillin and antibiotic eyedrops.

What’s worse is that due to my carelessness in dealing with the gunk in his eyes and when he sneezed and my endless need to snuggle with him close, I’ve contracted a lovely upper respiratory infection to accompany his sinus infection.  I was sent home today with a z-pack, a stronger cough suppressant, and an inhaler for the wheezing. 

The trifecta will occur when DH comes down with what we both have – which has already started.  I’m pumping him full of vitamin C and Airborne to see if we can fend it off! Crossing my fingers.  At least the antibiotics are free right now at our pharmacies:)

On another random note…I really feel old today.  I’m waiting in the grocery store for my script to be filled and I see these two young gentlemen wandering around the personal care aisles looking lost (or that they were looking for something specific).  I saw them later as I waited in the magazine rack and I asked if I could help them find anything (I know the layout of the store pretty well).  One boy says to the other “haha…you tell her what we’re looking for..” to which he responds…”um…no you”.  At this point I knew exactly what they were looking for but I wanted to make him say it.  The brave one said – “we’re looking for condoms”.  Good boy…way to spit it out there…haha.  So I told him that it was three aisles back on the far end – told him to look for the womens sanitary products and left them to their own.  About 10 min later they were back in the magazine aisle just milling around.  I got the sense that they were trying to work up the courage to buy them (or to ask me to buy them for them).  I was getting ready with my speech about how if you’re not brave enough to buy or even talk about condoms then you shouldn’t be putting yourself in a situation to use them when the pharmacist called my name. They were spared but I can’t help but feel old now….

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  One Response to “Sick..sick..sick…and some randomness…”

  1. Well at the very very least they were trying to practice safe sex.
    I hope you all start feeling better. I hate sick kids, poor things don't know what's wrong w/ them.

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