Jun 132010

Poor Noah’s had a rough few weeks. First it was gooey eyes that turned into a sinus thing now he’s just recovering from a virus of some sort (best we can tell it was gastrointestinal).

I didn’t want to leave him alone for one second while he was feeling like that (even if he was sleeping which was about 90% of the day) so I was toting him around the house in his bouncer. For the most part he was strapped in but this was just a quick trip from one room to the room right next to it so I left him unbound. Look how big he’s getting! He’s just hanging out all over the place!

He finally turned the corner Saturday evening and is back to his normal cute bubbly self today thank goodness! I missed my smiling baby and just hated hated hated picking up a baby that felt like a ball of fire…poor thing…

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